At Lumoir we understand that our customers have different face shapes, that’s why we’ve created a size guide and a fitting description to find the best suited sunglasses for you:

Round Face Shapes: Avoid round designed glasses, unless you would like to accentuate your round facial features. If however you’d like to sharpen up your jaw line, try our range that have a little more angle

Oval Face Shapes: Well….. the lucky ones. Oval face shapes are the easiest to stylise, just ensure the frames aren’t oversized for your face.

Square Face Shapes: The Jawline. For this face shape angles are recommended, however a more soft/round angle will suit to ease up the angular face shape. Our recommendation includes vintage glasses or classic hexagon

Oblong Face Shapes: Similar to square face shapes, soft/round angled glasses that don’t appear small on your face. A good platform to begin with is our wayfare style

Heart Face Shapes: Sharpness and angles are key. A nice pair of angled frames can really enhance and compliment the narrow chin facial features. As a note, avoid frames that appear oversized. Our recommendation includes the new polygon frames or the flattop design

Diamond Face Shapes: As oval face shapes, Diamond can pull of most looks, however as a general avoid frames that are wider than your cheek bones to ensure proportion is enhanced. Our recommendation includes the classic driving glasses or the classic oculos to begin with

Triangular Face Shapes: Anything with a little bit of Jazz going on up top. Square frames with deep lenses. A good starting point would be our modern irregular glasses to fit this face shape.